Peace Of Mind Offer Icare

We are partnering with Icare to provide their customers this INCREDIBLE NO-RISK OFFER Peace of Mind Call

Our Guarantee: If you feel that the information we share on the call does not apply to your business, we will happily refund your money!

One of the most common questions I get is:

David, can you HELP my childcare business save money on taxes, straighten out our bookkeeping and run our payroll?

And the answer is YES!

I work every day with family groups, centers, and head start with multiple locations, making anywhere between $50K to several million.


Schedule your Risk-Free Peace of Mind Call by clicking on the link below and scheduling an appointment at your convenience. It’s a 30-minute call to review your tax return, look over what you’re paying in taxes, and what adjustments and/or tax strategies you can implement immediately. It will also allow us the opportunity to get to know each other, and learn what your goals are and where you want to be financially 12 months from now; this call will give us an idea if we’re a good fit to work together.


People have paid up to $1,000 for this call, but don’t worry, for you guys who are ICare subscribers we’re making this special offer for only $97.

Should you decide to come onboard with us and allow us to manage your taxes, bookkeeping and payroll, I will apply the $97 you paid on the Peace of Mind call toward our set-up fee. In addition, if you take advantage of one of our All-Inclusive tax, bookkeeping & payroll packages, as an ICare subscriber you will enjoy the benefit of an additional 10% off our regular pricing; which is a substantial savings.

What does this offer mean for you?

After our call you will be in a position of strength to determine what is the best course of action to move forward with regard to your tax situation, and what tax strategies can work for you, you will understand what you need to do to fix your bookkeeping to remain audit-proof and how to run your payroll.


Our Clients Reviews

When I started my business, I had an LLC and the amount of tax I was paying was astronomical and then I met David and he suggested we switch to an S-Corp and my tax bill went down more than 50% and I am using those savings to grow my business.
Mariela Eduardo, First Bloom Daycare
Let me start by saying David is amazing!!! I started working with David with my business & personal taxes 5 years ago and he has saved me THOUSANDS! I highly recommend David for tax services. He knows his stuff real well and will always educate you through the process. I would not change him for the world!
Nekea W.